Scrapbook Paper Decor

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super simple and super cute tutorial!
What you will need:
Paint/spray paint
paint brush
spray adhesive 
Sand paper
Scrapbook paper
Vinyl lettering

First paint the wood, you only have to paint the sides since the scrapbook paper will go over the top.

Then cut out the scrapbook paper so it is exactly the same as the surface of your wood. Next spray the spray adhesive all over the top surface of the wood.

Lay the scrapbook paper over the top quickly, make sure it is straight and there are no bubbles in the paper before pressing firmly down. 

Next take your vinyl lettering and peel off the paper backing so the lettering is on the sticky side.

Then take the sticky side and stick it to the top surface where the scrapbook paper now is. Take a credit card or something hard and rub the vinyl lettering firmly to make sure it sticks to the paper.

Take the corner and slowly peel back the sticky paper, making sure the letters stick to the scrapbook paper. If they don't put the sticky paper back over the letter and rub the letter until it sticks to the scrapbook paper.

Then take clear wood finish and spray it over the top, I sprayed about 7-10 coats of this stuff.

And your done!

Looks great on a shelf or the wall! 

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One Response to “Scrapbook Paper Decor”

  1. Where did you buy the vinyl lettering? I am totally going to do this project in by baby daughter's room too!