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Thursday, November 22, 2012



 What is better than an awesome deal?? FREE!! 

Mommy's Little Sunshine is giving away FREE kids winter hats!

This deal is our "door buster" sale because supplies are limited! Unlike our previous offers we will not be back ordering our winter hats. Once they are gone, they are gone. And they are expected to go fast! So get yours before it is too late!!

 Here is how it works:

Mommy's Little Sunshine will be posting an offer on our Facebook page today at 12:00pm MST. Once we post this offer you will click "GET OFFER". Once you click the this you will be emailed an coupon code. 

Go to our website, 
Select the "giveaway" section on the left side menu. 
Select your style of hat and click "buy now"
Once at check out you will enter the code word in the coupon box.
This will subtract the $28.99 from your total making your total cost $0.00!

Supplies are limited. Offer good while supplies last. Offer can not be combined with any other coupon code or discount. Limit one coupon code per order. Separate orders can be made to obtain more than one free hat. Shipping and handling not included. No refunds on giveaway products, exchanges are welcome. All giveaway order will ship within 7-14 business days from purchase date.

Now who wants to see the official sneak peek for our darling hats??

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Turkey Headband Tutorial

Monday, November 12, 2012

Who is ready for Thanksgiving?
Does your little one have the perfect Thanksgiving outfit all picked out?
In need of a cute headband to match?

Well then this tutorial is for you!

 Turkey Headband Tutorial

What you will need:
Glue gun
Brown 5/8 ribbon (the ribbon can be patterned or plain)
Yellow 5/8 ribbon
Orange 5/8 ribbon
Wiggle Eyes

First cut a strip of brown about 2 inches.
Put a drop of glue at the end of the wrong side and fold together.

Place that to the side.

Next you will cut three more brown strips. A 4 inch, 4 1/2 inch and a 5 inch. 
Place glue on the right side of the ribbon and fold over, creating a "loop" look. Do this with all 3 cut ribbons

Place the first folded ribbon inside the smallest "loop" ribbon and glue.

Do this with all three ribbons, gluing each one into place. 
This will be the backside so it doesn't have to be pretty.

Once the body is finished you can not start on the head.

Cut another 3 inch brown strip and make it into a "loop" again.

 This is the head.

Attach the head to the top of the body.

Then you need to create the feathers. You will make the "loop" again with the feathers but this time you will create a longer look with it. Cut the ribbon 5 1/2 inches.

Create 3 orange, 2 brown and 2 yellow. 

Attach the feathers to the feather to the back of the body starting with the top middle orange one and working your way down. 

Use your order ribbon to cut a small triangle, which will act as the beak. 

Then glue and the eyes. 

You can leave the turkey as is or add on a bow to make it a girly turkey!

Cut a strip of yellow ribbon. Hold it in the middle and cross over each side.

Pinch it in the middle then wrap it in fishing wire, creating a bow.

Glue it to a headband/clip and you are done!

Since the headband makes such a bold statement you can pair it with a more simple outfit in any of the fall colors. 


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How to: Style your Petti-Skirt!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

 So you just claimed our FREE petti skirt offer and now you are left wondering, "What should I wear with my adorable new petti skirt?" Well Mommy' Little Sunshine is here to help you style your petti skirt, creating the picture perfect outfit!

You know a few months ago when we offered a FREE petti romper?? Well what looks cuter with a
"petti" skirt then a "petti" romper! These two pair darling together and we still have a few rompers left in stock if you are in need of one! It is also nice to have a cover over your little one while she is wearing a skirt!

 Pettiskirt, pettiromper, mermaid necklace and over the top headband available at

Did you also claim our FREE lace leg warmers? (Yes, we are always giving away FREE stuff so be sure to "like" us on Facebook!) These lace leg warmers create a stunning look for your little one. With all that fluff and lace she is sure to stand out!

Petti skirt, lace leg warmers and headband available at

Add in some color and fun jewelry! The skirt is sure to catch anyone's eye on it's own so pair it with a fun colored top and accent it with some bold jewelry. Awesome spring and summer outfit for your little one.

Pettiskirt and Ella Rose Necklace available at, headband is currently out of stock so be sure to check back!

Layer it! These petti skirts are FREE and with a price of only 10 bucks to ship you might as well get a few and layer them! Layering them allows you to add in a bottom color and also makes the skirt even more fluffy!

Pettiskirt, pink paisley headband and mermaid necklace available at

Cardigans are so in right now! And with the colder weather approaching through on a cute colored cardigan and some flats with your skirt. Makes for a darling fall outfit!

Pettiskirt and ring available at, headband currently out of stock so check back soon!

 Sometimes are little girls are too much of a lady yet! If your little one still wants to run around and play without having a skirt hold them back pair our skirt with some tights/legging and some high top shoes! Yes, I said it high tops and a skirt! Your little girl is going to be the cutest one on the playground! Beware: Other mommy's will be jealous!

 Pettiskirt and headband available at

Who's says you can't throw a pettiskirt over your darling skinning jeans? That's right, no one! Add even more sass to your skinny jeans with our petti skirt! Throw on a jean jacket to complete the look. Perfect for the colder weather!

 Pettiskirt, pink paisley headband and mermaid necklace available at

Let's face it, no matter which way you wear it your little one is sure to stand out wearing her Mommy's Little Sunshine Petti Skirt! It is perfect for special, dance class and everyday wear! And with a price like free who can resist?? 

Enjoy your FREE Petti Skirt from Mommy's Little Sunshine. A $48.99 value, yours FREE! A
vailable in sizes 0-6 years and in 5 different colors. 
 To Redeem: 
1. Go to 
2. Select "Giveaway" section on the left side menu 
3. Select your size and color 
4. Enter code word "pettiskirt" at checkout 
All in stock orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days after payment and processing. Orders are subjected to back order without notice. Back ordered items will take an additional 30 business days to ship. Offer valid while supplies last. Can not be combined with any other offer or discount. Limit one code per order. Shipping and handling not included. Refunds will not be issued, size exchanges are welcomed. 

Be sure to "like" us on Facebook to redeem more giveaway items!

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