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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

At the beginning of this pregnancy I was convinced I was having twins. The main reason was because I was SO sick. My first two pregnancies I wasn't very sick at all so to have a completely different experience I assumed there must be two babies in there. Once I found out there was in fact only 1 baby I began to think it was a girl. I was slightly more sick with Laikynn and I have heard that you experience more morning sickness with a girl. So then I was convinced I was having a girl. Funny story, I was convinced my first was a girl and my second was a boy.. so obviously I am really good at guessing the gender of my babies HA!

Before we found out the gender I decided to plan a cute little gender reveal photo shoot with cupcakes and tulle skirts (because I was so convinced it was a girl). Well turns out baby is a boy and so we didn't get the chance to wear these darling skirts for the gender reveal. However, they are SO cute that we will just wear them all summer long to parties and wedding! If you have followed my blog before you know how much we LOVE Bliss Tulle!

Our shoes though... <3
Mine // Steve Madden

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Maternity Style

This pregnancy is all about trying my best to combine comfort with style. Not going to lie, most days I end up staying in my workout clothing because what is more comfortable then leggings & Nike's?? But I do try to look some what put together when I am out and about! I have about 3 months left of this pregnancy so I don't really want to be dropping tons of money on maternity clothing unless it is necessary.

I love that loose, tunics are in style right now! I already own a bunch so they have been my go-to! They are long enough to cover my growing belly & loose enough that I don't feel like I am ruining any of them by stretching them out. I feel like they tend to hide the bump a little more which is great in the first trimester when you are in the awkward pregnancy stage where no one is really sure if you put on a couple pounds or are actually pregnant!
Top // Free People (sold out) similar
Now let's talk maternity jeans... I have searched for some decent looking and fitting maternity jeans but have yet to find any that I really love. So I decided just buy some jean/jeggings that are a few sizes bigger than I normally wear. I love Flying Monkey Jeans because of the amazing stretch in them! They are SO comfortable! Then once my belly outgrows the jeans I just throw on a belly band!
Jeans // Flying Monkey via: Target
Belly Band // Target

For shoes I have been buying mostly flats or a slight wedge, just so I can chase other children around with my big belly! These are flats are my new FAV! I am so tempted to buy them in other colors too!!
Shoes: Steve Madden

And my little side kick had to show off her cute outfit from Hazzard Lane Clothing!
Top // Free People (sold out) similar

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Mermaid Tail.

Monday, March 14, 2016

 Laikynn is has always love princesses and fairies, but her latest obsession is mermaids! She has even themed her entire 4th birthday around mermaids! So when this mermaid tail showed up in the mail so was SO excited! It is similar to the concept of a sleeping bag with the zipper on the side. She just slides right in and BAM instant mermaid, or so she pretends! 

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18 week update.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


I'm now 18 weeks (slacking at the weekly post, I know). I am feeling SO much better! I am finally not sick like I was before but my energy is still gone. So I am hoping that comes back here soon and I don't have to wait until the baby comes to get it, ha!

How far along? 18 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? 9lbs,my body is freaking out a little I think!
Maternity Clothes? I have purchased some but I can still wear most of my clothing, leggings are still my BFF.

Stretch marks? Nope, water, water, water!
Best moment this week: Feeling better!
Miss anything: My energy!
Movement:  Yes, I can feel him moving inside but we can't feel him kicking the outside of my belly yet!
  Food cravings: I can eat almost anything again, I don't like sweet stuff still. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Coffee still makes me queasy
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
  Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: Nope, better not be for awhile either!! 
  Belly Button in or out? Pretty much out!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but tired. 
Looking forward to: Decorating a nursery & buying cute boy stuff (the hunt is ON)! 

Since I have been feeling better I have been able to clean up my diet a lot and make it to the gym about 3-4 times a week. Not where I want to be, but I am slowly making improvements. 

We also went to my regular doctor and he confirmed that the baby is 100% BOY! We went somewhere to find out the gender early at 14 weeks!

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It's a BOY!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

 Is Baby Hatch #3 a BOY or a GIRL????

Every asked me what I thought the gender of the baby was. Since I had been pregnant with both a boy and a girl before everyone figured there was a big difference in pregnancies with different genders. But this pregnancy has been so much different then my first two. My first two were actually very similar, and this one is just completely throwing me off! 

When I was pregnant with Titan I was convinced I was having a girl, wrong. When I was pregnant with Laikynn I was convinced I was having a boy, wrong. With this baby (because I had been SO sick) I figured it was a girl... WRONG!! 


Devan and Titan thought it was a boy, while Laikynn and I thought it was a girl! 
We are all SO excited!! (Laikynn was a little bummed!)

Laikynn was a little sad that she wasn't getting a little sister. But she is slowly coming around and excited for another brother! 

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Saturday Vibes.

This is Laikynn's new favorite silly face to make. It's super funny in pictures, but the best is when people tell her she has pretty eyes.. I kid you not, this is the face she makes! I just crack up!! 

I have blogged once before about Lulu and Roo and I decided to do it again. Why? Because I'm obsessed! Look at this DARLING outfit!! 

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Friday, February 5, 2016

I completely neglected the blog the past month because I have been so sick! My first two pregnancies I had barley any morning sickness at all, so to be sick all day long was something completely new to me. I think I tried just about every remedy and every prescription but nothing seemed to work. All I could do was sit in bed and hope that it would soon fade. Luckily, I can work from home, Laikynn easily entertains herself, Titan is at school for the majority of the day and Devan was able to come home early to help with the kids and house! Now that I am 15 weeks the morning sickness is slowly fading. I haven't had a day yet that I have felt 100% better all day, but at least I am able to get out of bed and do things for the most part.

FITNESS: I have had a lot of questions regarding my fitness routine with this pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited to apply all the knowledge I have learned over the past few years into training during this pregnancy. I had plans to continue my workout routine (with a little less cardio) and continue eating a clean diet (just not as strict as my prep diet).... Then the my morning all day sickness kicked in and my plans changed. I could barley get out of bed, so there was no way I was making it to the gym. And as far as clean eating went, I couldn't handle meat... there was no way I was going to cook it and I could barley handle eating it. The only thing that sounded even slightly good was breads and soup... So my clean eating went right out the window. Do I beat myself up over this?? Of course not! Clean eating and working out is a lifestyle and sometimes your plans change and your body has to adapt. Taking a break from training and eating was what my body needed. However, I won't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I want & become lazy.. because those habits are hard to shake. I had a conversation the other day with a friend, I was telling her that now that I was starting to feel better I was going to try to start eating cleaner and making it to the gym. Her response was, "Why? Pregnancy is like a freebie! You're going to gain weight any way!" Well, I guess I just have a different point of view.. A big benefit to working out and eating clean is looking better, 100%, BUT there are also many other benefits. I love the way I feel when I am doing it and have way more energy!! I want my baby to grow healthy and strong which means I need to eat and exercises that way! Also, I think if you stay active during pregnancy the bonus back is much easier on your body! SO now that I am feeling better get ready for some fitness posts, tips and ideas! I will post on this blog & my new IG @mckinli.fitness !

My last pregnancy I tracked it all with a little questionnaire & the chalk board! I want to do something like that BUT I don't know what?? Do you guys have any cute ideas for tracking pregnancy?? If so, let me know! For now, you can get the questionnaire and a random baby bump photo!
How far along? 15 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss? 6lbs, let's be honest. That is NOT the baby.. that's the carbs and lack of gym time!
Maternity Clothes? Most of my jeans no longer fit, but I have become friends with leggings and jeggings!

Stretch marks? Nope, I am drinking water like a horse to avoid them!
Best moment this week: Finally starting to feel slightly better!
Miss anything: Yes! Not feeling nauseous every day. 
Movement: I THINK so!
  Food cravings: Um depends on the day. For the most part, very bland food. I usually have a big sweet tooth but with this pregnancy I rarely eat sugar.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Car rides & the smell of coffee are the worst triggers.
Have you started to show yet: Yep!
  Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: Nope, better not be for awhile either!!
  Belly Button in or out? I have the oddest belly button, it is like half in / half out.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Um when I am sick I would say more moody.. cause it just sucks being so sick!!
Looking forward to: Decorating a nursery & buying cute boy stuff (the hunt is ON)!

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