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Thursday, December 27, 2012

This blog started out as a way to track my pregnancy with my little girl. And many of you started flowing my blog for that. So every once and awhile I like to give little family updates! Here is one of our Christmas! If you want to follow all my family post you can at

 We started off Christmas Eve with the tradition of new Christmas jammies!

Here are a few cute candid pictures of the kiddies. Titan is slowly warming up to Laikynn more and more each day so I love to capture the cute little moments when they happen to interact and laugh together!

They both made Build-A-Bears too for Chirstmas! 

We also did the common tradition of Milk and Cookies for Santa. 
My mom made this cute plate for us a few years ago. She used vinyl lettering and put it on a plate. We now use it every year!

Titan made this cute craft at preschool. It is called "Reindeer Dust". You put oats and glitter in a jar and then on Christmas Eve you sprinkle the dust throughout the yard so that the reindeer can smell the oats and Santa can see the glitter, then they are sure to find your house! Titan loved it!

Then we tucked them in bed so Santa could come! :)

 This is pretty much the first Christmas that Titan really is starting to understand who Santa is. So we decided to go all out with the "Santa" this year. We took a pair of Devan shoes and dipped them into some flour and made some tracks from the fire place to the Christmas tree. It made it look like Santa came down from the chimney to the Christmas tree with snowy shoes on!

All ready to go!!

Devan and I stayed up till about 3 in the morning putting everything together for the kids to wake up to. This truck took FOREVER! It came in a million different part to set up so once it was finished we were pretty excited!

When Titan woke up I ran out to the tree first so I could take some pictures as he saw the tree. Well as soon as he came out he saw me with the camera and got super camera shy and ran back to his room. So we had to put the camera away for a minute so he could check out his new stuff! I think he was a still a little sleepy which made him run off ha! He got better after about 5 minutes and started taking pictures again!

Titan LOVES Monster Trucks so we decided to get him his own.. Well at least as close to a Monster Truck as we could. It was really just a normal truck but he was excited any way!

He also love dinosaurs! I am not sure where the love of dinosaurs comes from but he sure does love them!

Laikynn was super easy to shop for since she is still so little and doesn't understand any of what is going on. I can tell she was still loving all the new things to play with. :)

 And the pictures of the present unwrapping begins....

Titan helped wrap this one!

Giving "Thank you" hugs!!

Even though it was snowing Titan still had to try his new truck out. It didn't last too long because the truck had zero traction in the snow. But he still loved it.  

We had such an amazing Christmas filled with the ones that matter most. 


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