Maternity Pictures- Baby #1

Sunday, February 26, 2012

 So I decided to pull out my maternity pictures from my last pregnancy to compare the difference. I didn't think there would be a big difference, but there most definitely is! I was just teeny tiny with my last pregnancy! In fact I was so small I didn't even tell most of my friends or family that I was pregnant until I was about 7 and 1/2 months along!!I think this baby is going to be a lot bigger when she comes out then Titan! I am already bigger and I haven't even gotten to the point of when I took these pictures yet! These maternity pictures were taken 2 weeks before little Titan was born when I was 36 weeks because he was 2 weeks early. I am going to get my maternity pictures done with this pregnancy here in the next week so then I will be able to really compare the difference. But I thought I would share these ones! :)

Oh and yes, I used to be a brunette! I am actually naturally a brunette, just a little lighter than this color.

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5 Responses to “Maternity Pictures- Baby #1”

  1. Such cute pics. and wow, you were tiny! I wish I could say the same for my first pregnancy because I'm starting to feel like a whale!

  2. I saw the first two pictures on pinterest earlier and didn't realize they were you! You were very small. You're such a pretty pregnant woman, I hope I'm as lucky when I have kids :)

  3. So tiny! I think I look this big now and I'm only 16 weeks! So pretty :) Can't wait to see the ones that you'll take this time around :)

  4. I'm 30.5 weeks right now and I'm pretty tiny too! I sure hope my baby comes 2 weeks earlier....I'm due May 4th but would LOVE an April baby (plus I won't have to share Mother's Day month hehehehe)....can't wait to see pics from this pregnancy! I have mine scheduled for when I'm 36/37 weeks (I have 2 shoots)! So excited!!! PS: You're so cute as a brunette!!! Totally one of those people who can pull of being both blonde and brunette!

  5. You look SO young in these pics! I totally wouldn't have recognized you! I am feeling a bit under the weather today and came across your blog so I am reading it start to finish! You are too cute!