More Pictures of these cute things!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 Okay, I know I posted some pictures of these petti-rompers and tops already but I got some more and I just had to shared!! They are so stinking cute! I think I might put my little girl in one everyday! What do you think!? haha

Best part about these?? They are on sale for only $14.40!! And there is tons of sizes and colors!

And a big thank you to Shine Photography by Karen who took all these darling pictures!

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4 Responses to “More Pictures of these cute things!”

  1. I wish I had a little girl, these are so cute! Next time :)

  2. I just bought the solid white one!! I am so excited!! I can't wait to put it on my little girl!! :)

  3. Oh no! I can't get the link to open. Can someone please re-post the link so I can buy a few? Thanks!!!


    Here is the link! Sorry it didn't work! And if the color you want isn't there I should be getting lots of new colors in about 2 weeks so be sure to check back!