How to Paint Wall Strips

Sunday, February 12, 2012

 This project is a little bit time consuming! But in the end it is totally worth it!

It is a pretty basic project to do but here is a tutorial just in case you have any questions on how to do it!

What you will need:
Paint of your choice
Paint rollers or paint sprayer
Painters tape
Sheets or something to cover the carpet

Here is what the room looked like orginally. 

First cover anything you don't want to get paint on (base boards, outlets, light switches, door handles, ect.. )

Then paint your base color.

We ended up using a paint sprayer to save some time. 

It should look like this..

 Wait at least a day for it to dry. 

Then measure out your strips. This is probably the hardest and most time consuming part. Make sure the are evenly spaced and straight vertically. We used a laser to make sure everything was straight and lined up. So if you have one, I highly recommend using that.

Also tape anything you don't want to get this color of paint on. 
Should look like this..

Then paint it the color of the strip. Make sure to use quality tape and press it firmly down to get straight lines. 

We took the paper off right after we painted it. 
Wait a day for it to dry.

Then we painted everything else in the room white instead of leaving it tan. (which is why we didn't tape off the closet and door before.) So once again tape anything you don't want that color of paint. And start painting.

Remove the paper, clean up the mess and your done!

It may be lots of work but it seriously turns out SO cute!!

My husband is the one that did all the work since I am pregnant and couldn't be in the room to paint. So a BIG thank you to him!! He is so seriously awesome for doing it! He owns his own construction company, Buder Inc Construction, so it wasn't new territory painting it but still LOTS of work!!

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6 Responses to “How to Paint Wall Strips”

  1. Oh, the stripes and colors are gorgeous! I cannot wait to see your nursery reveal! We just painted horizontal stripes in the nursery and i love the look!
    xoxo, Amy

  2. Thanks so much for this!!! I first stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for photos of striped walls for the nursery! So glad you have steps so we will be able to do it too! My hubby is an electrician and has NEVER painted!!!

  3. what color paint did you use? Love this and want to do it for our daughter once we move and design her nursery! thanks!!!

  4. How many inches wide did you use for the strips?

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  6. Hello, your DIY works are awesome! Thank you for sharing the tips! It is very helpful and informative. Would love to see more updates from you.

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