Name Banner Tutorial

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So I had a lot of people asking how I made this name that we used for the photo shoot! Sadly, I forgot to take pictures as I made it but it is super easy to explain how to do even without pictures!
What you will need:
Scrapbook Paper
Hole puncher 

1. Type up the name you want to appear on the flags from your computer and print them in the desired font. Make sure you make the font sizing really big so that it prints out one letter per page.

2. Cut out the the letters you just printed into triangles, I did mine 6 inches wide & 8 inches long.

3. Cut out a bigger flag for the background of the smaller flag. I did mine 8 inches wide & 10 inches long.

4. Glue the flags together.

5. Using the hole puncher make 2 holes in the top of the flags.

6. Weave some ribbon through the holes attaching them all together!

7. Tie bows and glue them onto the flag to give it a little extra.. You can also add buttons, flowers, stickers, ect.

And your done!!
Very simple and they make pictures look so much cuter!!

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5 Responses to “Name Banner Tutorial”

  1. I love the banner. What font did you use? Thanks!!

  2. Are your jeans maternity jeans or just your normal jeans with a bella band or something?

    Love the blog!!

  3. Thank you! The font I used is called AR BONNIE. :)

    And my jeans are just my normal jeans with a belly band! I am pretty tall and already have a tough time finding regular jeans so I am just going to stick to the belly band for as long as I can ha!

  4. that's cute! how do you pronounce lakynn?