29 Weeks

Sunday, January 29, 2012

 We finally decided on a name!!
Her name will be Lakynn Kay Hatch 
(pronounced Lay-ken)

How far along? 29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: about 14 lbs now
Maternity clothes? Still buying things I can wear now when I am pregnant and for when I am not ha!

Stretch marks? Nope.
Best moment this week: Deciding on the babies name, buying her more outfits, decorating a little more of the nursery, I love everything about getting ready for her to come!!
Miss Anything? Being able to sit through a movie and be comfortable ha!
Movement: She is SO active! Devan saw her moving through my shirt this week! Kinda of crazy to not only feel her kicking but see it!!
Food cravings: umm none this week!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet: Yep! Everywhere I go people comment on the baby bump!
Gender: Girly girl!
Labor Signs: I wish.. well not really. It's still a little soon but I want her to be here now!
Belly Button in or out? Out!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, Happy!
Looking forward to: Doctor appointment! :)
Okay so Devan and I had a pretty difficult time picking out the name! I kind of thought we were never going to agree on one! I love unique names! My name is fairly unique and I loved never having to share a name with someone else in my school or work. Devan, on the other hand, likes unique but not too unique of a name. 
At first we both liked (Devan actually loved) the name Taylee.. Then I did a little research and decided there are quite a few Taylee's out there and that it was too common of a name. So it was a no for the name Taylee.
Then I thought of the name McKarty.. Which I still absolutely LOVE this name, but sadly Devan literally HATED it! I tired and tried to talk him into it! Then I figured I couldn't name her something that he really didn't like, so out went the name McKarty.
Then we tried to combined both of our favorite names.. McKarty and Taylee and came up with Maylee. We both liked it but wasn't in love with the name.. So we kept thinking..
I know of a little girl named Nayvie and love the name! Devan actually liked it too! So for a minute we thought about naming her that but then decided it just wasn't suppose to be her name!

Then one day Devan came home from work and said he was drove past a sign that said "LAKIN" and asked what I thought about it. I actually LOVED the name! We both Loved it! YAY! I decided to change up the spelling a little bit to make it more of a girly name and that is how we came up with
The middle name just kind of seemed to go with it! There isn't any family meaning behind it, just a cute name we both liked! :)

Here are the top 5 names we picked between..

Here are all the names that made "the list"


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30 Responses to “29 Weeks”

  1. You look great & I love her name. I like unique names too

  2. My daughter's name is Tayleigh (like Taylee) and I haven't heard it anywhere! Where did you find it??

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  3. I found it on a baby name website! We almost named her that but I have a cousin with that name and a friend of ours has a little girl with it as well. Other than that it isn't too common! I love that name! :)

  4. I just love your blog! So cute! Weird question- where did you get your shirt?

  5. Thank you! I got it at Maurice's :)

    1. Okay, I seriously want that shirt. Did you get it a while ago? I want to find one! It's cute as a maternity shirt and I need more of those!

  6. My brother's name is Lakin (Lake-In). I have never heard of it (aside from a last name), as anyone's name except my bro's before! Very pretty for a girl, and I love the -'ynn' to feminize it! :)

  7. I love this name. I am a mom who loves unique and different names. My children all have uncommon names. Daughter- Waverly, Son- Caymyn (pronunced Kay-man), Daughter- Delylah (pronounced De-li-lah) and Daughter-Daphney. We are expecting number five in Jan and his names will be Leyton (pronounced Lay-ton. If you couldn't tell I also have a fovorite letter. Y. Good luck and contrats!!!

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  9. Big fan of unique names as well... we have a 6 year old little boy Guinness Bronx and a 2 Year old little girl named Guylee Dallas... they fit them so well I know they were made for them

  10. Hi there, I usually don't post, but i sense you are a kindred spirit. My sunshine is engraved on my wedding band and my 8 year old daughter is another Lakyn... love your stuff will have to look at it closer! Lakyn's are the best!!

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  12. Congratulation's Whitney Houston’s. You are looking awesome, and your dress is very attractive.

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  13. You clearly have not done your research on the psychological effects of naming your child ridiculous names for sake of being unique...

    1. These aren't even names. They're just strings of letters pushed together as though she pulled tiles out of a Scrabble bag. I feel awful for these kids who will become *adults* who have to introduce themselves as managers and CEOs and interview prospects. Who have to spend their *entire lives* explaining to everyone they meet how to spell and pronounce their names. Poor kids.

  14. I know this will not be popular. But moms, think before you name your child. Will that child like THEIR name?? "They can always change it later," yes they can. But it will cost THEM money and they will have to write down the stupid name you gave them any time they fill out a background check. For the love of all things holy don't screw your kid over from day one. Give them a normal first name and you can fuck up their middle name all you want. -Every Kid Who Had "Creative" Parents

  15. sure its nice to give your child a unique name bit at least give it a normal spelling. Lakynn is the stupidest spelling ever and not only is it going to be hard for eveyone to spell and even to pronounce with that spelling. the poor child will have to live its entire life correcting people on how to spell its name cus its mother wanted to be special. lak- yn? la-kin? lake-ynn? just spell it hows its pronounced Lay-ken!

    1. I KNOW! At least learn proper grammar and letter pronunciation before spelling her name like that, the first thing in my head when i read it is "Lack-in". Doesn't sound so cute and unique now does it? Shes going to hate having to correct everyone who says her name for the first time all her life.

  16. This image appears when you Google "ugh white people", which is an excellent summary of your bland, mayonnaise-looking blog.

  17. Seriously the most stupid name. I feel very sorry for your child.

  18. Please don't use that name. Sounds like lactation.

  19. Dear lord CPS should take your kids away....seriously

  20. White people are unbelievable ��
    Have fun when your kid gets humiliated til adulthood for having a name like that
    Note to people planning on having a child soon, remember to actually use common sense when naming. Or at least just make it sound like an actual name.

  21. why do i have this feeling that most white people are so dumb

  22. Nykee? Was this lady seriously thinking about naming her kid Nike? Ball is life?

    1. while i agree these names are ridiculous, Nike is the name of the greek goddess of victory. it's a lovely name imo, i hate to see it misspelled like this though, obviously shows she didnt mean the goddess :/