Lamp Shade Tutorial

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This is a really simple lamp shade tutorial to help save you money and old lamps!

I started off with this lamp, which actually is a cute lamp! We bought it about 6 months ago and then redecorated and I just no longer had anywhere for it to match! I did however need one to match in the nursery and didn't feel like buying a brand new one, nor could I find one that match the nursery how I wanted. So I made my own and here is how I did it! 

You will need:
Lamp shade
Spray Adhesive or hot glue gun
Measuring tape
Ribbon or fabric to make the bow

First start off by measuring your lamp shade, make sure to measure the top and bottom because some lamp shades are different sizes. Once you measure it all cut the fabric. I cut mine a little longer so that there was room for error in case I made some!

Then you use the spray adhesive and roll the fabric onto the lamp shade. Do small sections at a time to avoid wrinkling the fabric and to make sure the fabric goes on straight. Do this around the whole lamp shade. (You can just a glue gun as well but I think the spray adhesive was a faster and easier.  

When you get all the way to the other side fold the fabric over to create a smoother, more appealing look.

Then glue the fold down.

When you are done with that there should be extra fabric on the top and bottom of the lamp shade.

I cut mine so it was shorter and to create a straighter edge! 

Then fold it down and glue!

When your done with that part it should look somewhat like this..

Then I took some ribbon and tied a bow around it to give it a little something extra.

And your done!!
(I ended up switching out the lamp base because the silver one didn't match the fabric very well.)

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3 Responses to “Lamp Shade Tutorial”

  1. So cute! I just bought a lamp for my nursery but the white shade is totally boring. I was going to buy a whole new shade, but you made recovering the old one look so easy.

  2. Love this! I want to redo my daughters room so bad and something like this would be a great start! Thrift store shopping will begin today! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. where did you get the fabric?