Fabric Rosette Flower Tutorial

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What you will need:
Hot Glue

First you cut your fabric into strips.. (depending on how big you want your flowers to be is how big you cut the strips.) Also cut out a circle out of fabric that is about the size you want your flower to be.

Then I fold my fabric in half so that the printed side is facing out on both sides.

Then you just start twisting the fabric!

Then as you twist it you twirl it into a circle.

Once it is all twisted in a circle, put hot glue all over the back side and glue it down to your cut out fabric circle. (This can be kind of tricky! Try not to let go of the end or it will come undone!)

And you are done! :)
Pretty easy!

I like to combined mine together and add a little more to them!

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5 Responses to “Fabric Rosette Flower Tutorial”

  1. I just made some of these, and seriously I'm in trouble now. I'm going around my house looking for stuff to cut up and turn into little rosettes to make headbands for my baby girl. Great tutorials!!! Love love love!!

  2. I love ALL your tutorials! I'm totally going to try this one out soon!!

  3. about how long are your strips cut to?

  4. Was also wondering how long & wide you cut the strips of fabric in this tutorial...