Introducing Tutorial Tuesday

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I have been slacking at tutorials lately so I decided to start 
Tutorial Tuesday!
This will keep me in check and make sure I am always keeping up to date on the blog. 
The first tutorial I am going to do is a 
Baby Pearl Necklace Bodysuit

 What you will need:
Bodysuit or shirt
Fabric, less than 1/4 yard
Fabric paint
Pearls or flower center
Paint brush 

Take the bowl and make sure it is the same size as the neck of your shirt. Place the bowl on the neck of the shirt, this will be used as a guide.

Dip the back side of your paint brush in the paint then dot your shirt with the paint around the bowl. 

I altered big dots and little dots because I liked that look, but you can do yours all the same sized dots. You can use only one row of dots or add on a few more like I did. Then the shirt is done.

Then cut out 9 even circles. The size of the circle depends on how big you want the flower on the shirt. Keep in mind the flower will be just about the same size as your circles that you cut. One of the circles will be used for the base of the flower.

Take one circle and fold it in half.

And fold it in half again, making a fourth.

Take just the top flap and fold it back in half once more.

Place a little of your hot glue on the point of the folded fabric.

Place the glue on the center of the wrong side of your circle base.

Continue to do so with the next 3 creating a full circle.

Then do that exact same thing with the next for circles on top of the circles you just glued down.

Once finished place your pearls in the center of the flower.

Then glue your flower to a safety pin and pin it to your shirt. That way you can unpin the flower to wash the shirt.

And you are done!

I made two of the flowers and put one on a clip then clipped it to a headband so she could have a matching head piece! :)

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10 Responses to “Introducing Tutorial Tuesday”

  1. Adorable!! You sure are giving me baby fever!

  2. I LOVE this!! You make this look so easy!! =)

  3. Oh I love this! So easy and it will be so cute on my Emma! Thanks

  4. Loveeee this :) I want a baby girl!! Baby boys r awesome, don't get me wrong but omg I just love this!! Go tutorial Tuesday's!

  5. So adorable!! You are so talented!!

  6. So cute! I can't wait to make a few as gifts...I'll be pinning it for sure. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Okay, random question time. I found your blog via Pinterest. The post it brought me to was the maternity shoot where you and your husband are holding up/revealing the name of your daughter. (Love those pictures!) So, now as I've had a chance to look through your blog a bit, I've noticed that you guys changed the spelling of her name. I'm just curious what prompted that? (I told you it was a random question.)

    1. Hey, thank you!! We decided to change it because when we first announced it everyone was pronouncing it wrong. Once we put the extra "i" in it people had an easier time saying it. :)

  7. Where did you find the dark colored onesie?

  8. I absolutely LOVE this!! I am addicted to Hobby Lobby so I just might try this for my little girl. Check out my blog