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Sunday, October 7, 2012

So I just figured out how to blog from an iPhone! Isn't technology just something!! Now I can blog even more cause it is so convenient. I downloaded the "Blogpress" app and it is pretty cool so far! You can upload pictures and everything. The only down side is that it does cost $4.99, but I think it is totally worth it!

While I'm here, I will attach a cute picture if my little Laikynn in one of the six new colored rompers from Mommy's Little Sunshine. One of my favorite colors! Right now you can use code word "SAVE55" at check out to get 55% off any rompers, making them only $9.90! Way sweet deal! We are actually clearing out all the rompers right now so if you have been thinking about getting one, now might be your only chance!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

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One Response to “Blogging from your iPhone”

  1. I love posting from my iPhone! But I use the blogger app. You can post pictures and everything and it's free. It might be a little more limited than the blogpress though, I'm not sure.
    I love reading your blog!