Halloween Decor

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For this weeks Tutorial Tuesday I am going to mix it up a bit. 
I know all of my tutorials are for kids and babies but I decided to do a fun Halloween craft today! You can also turn them into any other holiday jars by adding different ribbon and gumballs for whatever season!

Halloween Gumball Jars


What you will need:
3 Candle Sticks, preferably different sized
3 Jars, preferably different sized
3 jar bases
3 handle nobs 
Hot Glue

First paint everything your desired color. I did mine all black.

Next, take a look over at your child who also wanted to paint so you set up his own little paint station to keep him busy and he is now covered in paint and you have just started.. GRRRRREAT!

Back to the project, start hot gluing the pieces together.

Glue the jar base to the candle stick, so the jar is a little more sturdy when placed on top.

Then add on another jar base to the top, you can also skip this and just paint the lid black.

Add on the nob to the top center of the jar lid.

Decorate your candle sticks with the ribbon.

Place your gumballs inside and you are done! So easy and so cute! 

Side note: I did not glue the jars to the candle sticks and it ended up tipping over (from one of my kids trying to get out a gumball.) So I recommend gluing the jar to the candle stick!

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5 Responses to “Halloween Decor”

  1. Where did you find the wood candlesticks and the base that you put ontop of the candlestick?

  2. I found the bases at Micheal's but I am having a hard time finding the three different sized candlesticks - any suggestions?

  3. Love your blog! We do similar chalkboards!
    My baby girl is 4 months! Laikynn is adorbs!

  4. This is such a lovely post,,, Decorating for the halloween is really a fun activity and in fact this is my favorite! This year, I'm looking for some unique and spooky Halloween decorations that will freak my kids out. LOL. Thanks for sharing your ideas...

    Cheers and happy halloween!