What to pack in your baby's hospital bag

Sunday, March 4, 2012


So I decided to pack our hospital bags.. just in case!
This will be baby number two for me, therefore I know a little bit about what you should bring to the hospital with you on the big day. This is everything that was helpful or that I needed! With my first baby I barley packed anything so this time around I am making sure that I have got it all!

1. Receiving blankets: I am bringing 3, one for each day that we will be staying at the hospital and that match each outfit. They also have some at the hospital just in case you need another or you forget yours. I just prefer having my own.

2. Soft Blankets: My baby will be born in March, which in Utah could be 0 degrees or 100 degrees so I am just being prepared either way to keep her all bundled up! The blankets I have from her are from Minky Couture, seriously thee softest blankets EVER! A little pricey, but so worth it!

3. Bobby Pillow: This is great for late night feedings!

4. Teddy Bear: Totally something you do not have to bring. She won't even notice it. But my husband came home with it and wanted it to be her first teddy bear, so we are bringing it with us.

5. The diaper bag: This I am using, of course, to put all of her things in. If you have enough room in your own bag you don't have to bring the baby their own. I love my diaper bag that we got so I decided to bring it!

6. Diapers: The hospital will provide you with some but they are usually size 1 so they are a little big, so it is your preference. Be sure to take the diapers they give you home though because well they are free! :)

7. Wipes: These are already kept in her diaper bag so I am just keeping them in there in case. The hospital will provide wipes as well.

8. Diaper Rash Cream: This comes in handy during diaper changes. 

9. Burp Clothes: I am bring 3 of these as well. Mainly because they are for when the baby spits up so I might need a few. 

10. Breast Pump/nursing pads: The hospital will have both of these, as well, but it is something I would prefer to use my own of. With my first baby I planned on breast feeding and my baby wouldn't eat from me. It got to the point where the baby was losing too much weight so I had to pump and feed him through a bottle. I am afraid it may happen with this baby too which is why I am bringing mine. If your baby is a good eater or you plan on using formal you might not need this.

11. Bottle: If you plan on feeding with formal or your pump and put it in a bottle. Hospital will provide formal and bottle nipples too.

12. Nursing Cream: I didn't handle breast feeding too well with my first and this stuff was my life saver!! 

13. Binky: This is optional and they provide the big green ones at the hospital. I am bringing some just in case but don't plan on using them for the first few days.

14. Baby Hat/Beenie: You need to keep the little ones head nice and warm, especially if you are having a baby in the winter season.

15. Socks: Also need to keep their little piggies warm!

16: Mittens: To keep them from scratching their poor little faces.

17. Pajamas/clothing: The hospital gives you a white onsies and that is it. So if you want your baby to wear anything else you better bring it!

18. Going Home Outfit: This too me quite some time to pick out which one I wanted her to wear! Finally made a decision and I can't wait to see her in it!!

The hospital has almost everything you will need in case you forget something, but it always nice to have your own preference!

For what to pack in your hospital bag 

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24 Responses to “What to pack in your baby's hospital bag”

  1. Oh my gosh, she is going to be the cutest baby in the nursery!! I love all your stuff you have for her :) And this is such a great idea! I wish I had most of this stuff when I had my daughter :/ I'll have to pass this onto my sister! She's due in May with a little girl :)

  2. how did u like that graco swing next to the crib? i got one! won't get to use it til January. love her outfits by the way.

    1. Omg wow lol I just bought that swing off of someone for $35 they said it worked but I cannot figure out how to get it to turn on, is there any tricks to getting it to turn on I might not know about?

  3. Mckinli,
    I pinned this a couple of months ago, and now as I am getting close to having my baby I decided to look at the actual post. How funny to find out that it was my own cousin who posted this! Such a small world, even in pinterest I guess! I love your list of this to bring to the hospital for both baby and Mommy. It has been a few years since I have done this, so I loved the refresher!


  4. this might sound kind of weird but what brand is your breast pump and bottles??

  5. What site/store did you find the outfits? My husband & I have been searching endlessly for outfits similar to that. I am due in June & would love to have something like those for my daughter.. thank you.

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