Laikynn's Birth Story

Sunday, March 25, 2012

So on Monday I had a doctor's appointment. When I was in there we first set the date of when I was going to get induced, April 2! Then right after he checked me to see how I was progressing. I was dilated to a 3, almost a 4 and 80% thinned. He then told me that chances were I wouldn't make it to my induction date! But I figured I still had a week or so, I was wrong!

 When I woke up Tuesday everything seemed normal and I went about my entire day just the same as I always would. Around 4:00pm I felt a few little contractions here and there but I had been getting tons of Braxton Hicks so I didn't think too much of it. I decided to go run a few errands. As I was driving my contractions started to get a little bit worse and I had a slight feeling these might be the real thing. So I decided to text my husband..

He immediately called me and asked if I really thought I was in labor. Well I wasn't really sure, ha! He was already on his way home so we decided to meet at the house and I could lay down to see if they got any worse. Once I got home I started to time the contractions and realized they were about 5 minutes apart, which is usually about the time you would head to the hospital but I still wasn't for sure that I was in labor. Devan brought home dinner and he hurried and ate then got in the shower. By the time he was all done the contractions got a lot worse. When I would have one I told him we need to leave right then, then the contraction would stop and I would tell him never mind maybe we should wait. I really wanted my water to break so I would know for sure if I was in labor because I didn't want to go to the hospital and have them tell me to go home.

I finally made up my mind that we should go to the hospital just to see if I was in labor, but honestly I didn't think I was. We dropped off Titan at a friends house and headed to the hospital.

We checked into the hospital at 7:10pm. Once we got there they made me change into a gown and checked to see how I was progressing. I was at a 4, almost a 5. Which is border line of getting admitted into the hospital. They told me I could stay for an hour and they would monitor me to see how I was progressing and after an hour they would call my doctor to see if he would let me stay.

By this time, my contractions were getting much worse and more frequent the nurse said they were about 2-4 minutes apart each time.

After an hour had gone by she checked me again. I was now dilated to a 6, almost a 7. She rushed out of the room then came back with an IV telling me that not only were they letting me stay but this baby was coming soon and they didn't know if my doctor was going to make it in time!

I was a little bit in shock! Everything started happening so quickly! They started bringing in equipment and all the stuff for the baby. This was the real thing! 

My contractions were really starting to hurt so I hurried and got the epidural then life was just great and I was ready for her to come! And so was daddy!! :)

Well my doctor was at the Jazz game and they called him when I checked in. He of course thought he had plenty of time to get there because no one thought I would progress that quickly. He left the game and was hurrying down to the hospital when the nurses decided he wouldn't make it. 

So I had to use another Doctor. (The one on the left) Laikynn was number 7,447 baby that he had delivered so I trusted that I was in good hands! Then there was also a student doctor there, she had been at all of my doctors appointments so I let her help out the doctor, this was her first baby to help deliver so it was kind of cool!

Everything was all ready to go and at 10:00 they let me start pushing! Only 3 hours after I had gotten to the hospital!

I pushed for about 15-20 minutes and tears filled our eyes as we had our baby girl,  Laikynn Kay Hatch, at 10:20pm.

Laikynn Kay Hatch
Born: March 20, 2012
Time: 10:20pm
Weight: 7 lbs 2 oz
Length: 19 and 3/4 lbs

Holding my baby girl for the first time. She is absolutely perfect in every way, shape and form!

Even though it was close to mid-night big brother, Titan, wanted to come see his new baby sister!

And he got a little present for being such a good big brother already!

Then they bathed her and got her all cleaned up!

We also had to be wheeled into a new room because we didn't stay in the room we delivered in.

The first night went pretty good. We didn't get back to our room till about 2am then once it was time to get some sleep, I couldn't! There was so much going on in my head and I was still so excited about everything that I couldn't sleep too much! 

Daddy and his baby girl!

So far she has been an awesome baby! She came out super healthy with no problems and has been nursing very well! I was scared to nurse her because I had such a hard time with her brother but she has done absolutely great! Besides that fact that it takes me about 20 minutes to wake her up to eat! She sure loves sleeping!!

Big brother has adjusted pretty good so far to the new baby! He was able to come over every day to the hospital to see her. He has only held her a few times and is still a little scared to give her kisses but I can tell he sure does love her! He loves to help me when I am taking care of her and every time she cries he says "AWWWWWW"

We also had tons of visitors that wanted to see little Laikynn.

We are such proud parents!

They let us go home on Thursday morning so it was a pretty quick hospital stay. Laikynn had no problems and I ended up having a really fast recovery! I was up waking and moving around a few hours after she was born!

Adjusting to the new baby at home has been great so far! I am sure that it helps that she is a great baby!

 I don't think I have set her down for longer than 10 minutes since she has been born, I could sit and stare at her all day!  

We are so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing little miracle come into our family. Words can not express how much she already means to us and how loved she really is. She has already brought in so much joy to our home! I love my little family more than anything and am so grateful for each of them!

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26 Responses to “Laikynn's Birth Story”

  1. Adorable! Congrats on your new addition. New babies are the best!!! Our second girly is now 7 weeks and everyday keeps getting better!

  2. Congradulations!!! It was amazing to see and read your story. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

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  7. Congratulations!! She's so precious! Loved hearing all the details, and her arrival into the world :)

  8. So exciting!!! Congratulations to you and your family! This brought tears to my eyes as you talked about Titan being such a good big brother. When we have our 2nd one in September my son will be 4yrs old and I can't wait to see his reaction! How fun!! Can't wait to continue to follow your journey with your little girl!!

  9. She is just too adorable! I loved reading this birth story :) Congratulations to you and your cute family! P.S. Girl, you look amazing for just having a baby!

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  13. you are seriously the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I looked all puffy and swollen with my hair a mess after having my kids. you inspire me :) your little girl is PERFECT!

  14. OMG!! What a beautiful story thank you soo much for sharing!! Your daughter is so precious!! Your whole family is so adorable!!! Congrats!! Motherhood is such a blessing!! You look great!!

  15. It sounds like you had a great labor, thank you for sharing this special event. Your daughter is certainly beautiful, looks like her eyes are going to be blue. You looked great in labor (as a labor and delivery nurse I know this to be true)! Congratulations on your new addition to your already beautiful family. Do you remember the name of the nurse who took care of you? She looks familiar!

  16. Thank you for sharing your blog! That is my doctor:) I believe it is doctor Parker. I actually had doctor Allen deliver my little girl because Dr. Parker had just gotten off call:) She's an adorable little girl. I love her name. YOU look great! I definitely didn't look that good after having my baby!

  17. Just found you on and your family are super sweet. Congrats!

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  21. Hey lady! So, I just got a text from a old high school friend in Georgia saying she came across your blog on Pinterest and saw me on it.. I was the student doctor! So random! So glad to see you are doing well. Laikynn is beautiful! I actually have a pic of us together. :o) Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day.

  22. Saw your picture of the final name you picked on pinterest so I read through your blog. My little Lakyn was also a March baby in 2005. Born unexpectly on a Tuesday as well (29th) and my original due date was April 2nd. Congrats on your beautiful family. :)

  23. I had my beautiful baby girl Bristol the day before you had your little one. We brought her into the world 24 hours after my grandma passed away! I loved reading this and bringing back such wonderful memories :)