Thursday, March 15, 2012

 I made some new items for Easter!! :)
Be sure to out all the new stuff at my shop
Even some more boy stuff!

Look at what a stud my little man is!

These ones are as much "Easter Colors", but I loved the fabric so I made some things with it!

Don't forget to use keyword "SUNSHINE" at checkout for an additional 10% off for following my blog!

P.S. It is pretty crazy to think that I will have my little baby girl here with me on Easter!! YAY!
And just a little side note.. because she is coming so soon, if you want one of these outfits the sooner the better if you order them because once I have her I might be taking a little break from the sewing machine!

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4 Responses to “EASTER TIME”

  1. Your work is so beautiful. Can I ask what pattern you use for the dress?

  2. Hi! The link for your shop is down and I really want to buy the chicken onsie!! Please let me know how I can make this happen. Thank you and GOOD LUCK!! We were the same wekk for a long time and I ended up having her in January as a preemie. She will be home soon and I must have this chicken onsie and headband. Please help me purchase these items. Thank you!!

  3. I wish I had a little girl so I can have a reason to shop for your stuff! It's so dang cute!!

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