Nursery Ideas.

Friday, November 4, 2011

It may be a wee-bit soon to start on the nursery,
but I can hardly wait!

I have wanted a girl for quite sometime so I am more then ready to start getting everything all set up for the nursery. The only problem is I see so many cute things I want to try, then I end up not being able to make up my mind! 

First things first, the color of the room. At first I wanted to do something that would work for both genders but who am I kidding? I can't resist not doing pink! Therefore I picked my main color of the room.. PINK! But of course, I needed to add a little more to that.

I loved pink & green..

Loved Pink, white and gray. 

And loved pink and blue.

So I set out to find a crib bedding set in one of those colors. I didn't have much luck with any of those color but I did find something I loved even more!

Pink, white and taupe (tan-ish color) with a damask pattern. 

Sorry the coloring is kind of hard to see!

And I went ahead and ordered this bedding from 

I love it!!

All of the extras were kind of pricey so instead of buying them I am going to make my own! :) The website is pretty cool in the fact that you can order the matching fabric. So I did, which was a lot cheaper! My husband got me a sewing machine a couple months back and I absolutely love it! I am so excited to create some new things for the nursery!!

I am going to make LOTS of pillow, a lamp shade, curtains, a diaper pad cover and possibly a blanket. (I will put up all the tutorials when I do make them with the finished project! :)

We are still debating how to paint the nursery.. I am loving strips lately.

But can't decided if I like horizontal or vertical ones better.

We are also going to redo a dresser we have! Devan wants to build a diaper changing station on top of it instead of just putting the diaper changing pad on top, he thinks it will be a little safer. Then we are going to paint it white to match the crib we picked out!

I also want to make the cute lettering with her name above the crib!

So as you can see we definitely have our work cut out for us! Maybe it is a good idea that I started planning it early! 

I will post updates on the nursery as we complete them!!

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