Over The Top Hair Bow Tutorial

Monday, November 21, 2011

I think "over-the-top" hair bows are SO darling and girly! Some may think they are a little much but that is what makes them so cute!

This is a tutorial on a miniature Over-the-top hair bow, the thing about these is the more unique they are the better! So I would use this tutorial as a guideline then totally make up your own creation! You can go bigger or smaller and change things around, just make it your own!

Here is what you will need..

Glue gun
Ribbon (I recommend at least 3 different kinds, but the more the better!)
feather boa 

Start off taking the biggest ribbon and gluing the ends together.
I used 4 strips to create a base.

Then glue all 4 sides together.

I did two layers of this step.. You can stick to one or do more depending on how big you want your bow.

Next glue the top side and bottom side of the ribbon ends together.

I also did this step twice.

Glue those to the base.

Take the feather boa and cute off a little piece and glue it to the middle of the bow.

Then glue the bow to a headband or clip!

And your done!!

It is super easy to make and they turn out so cute! I love the really big ones, especially for special occasions and pictures.

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16 Responses to “Over The Top Hair Bow Tutorial”

  1. Ha ha adorable! I'm sure your making a ton of them! : ) Fun!


  2. These are so cute! You are the cutest little mama ever! I've had two boys and was never as tiny as you! :) I gained 50 with each of my angels.

  3. I love these. They are so cute. I'm ready to go to my craft table and create!!!! Visit me at mamajillof2crafts.blogspot.com. I'd love to show off some of the things I've made.

  4. I love the bows!! But the first 3 pictures show bows that are different then the tutorial... can you post a tutorial on how to make one of the first 3 bows??? I would love to see that too!

  5. I'm with Jennifer, could you post a tut of the cute ott bows that are pictured. The first one I can tell is just a boutique style bow with a twisted loop layer and marabou feathers, but I'm curious on how the other two were made. Or even, where could I buy them

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  6. Can I ask about how big you make the ribbons in this bow? I know we can make them whatever size, but I've never tried before, so just wondering about the size.

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  9. I love this bow! I am already starting on my holiday bows and this one is a cutie! (ladybugbowshop.etsy.com)

  10. What is the length of the ribbon for this bow? : )

  11. Needing the size and length of ribbon please

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