DIY Chalk Board

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I get question, after question about how I made the lovely chalk board. So I am FINALLY doing a tutorial on it!


I actually made this chalk board way back at the beginning of my pregnancy before I knew I was going to have any followers really. So I didn't take any pictures of the actual process. 

Luck for you it is very, very simple and you will most likely understand it pretty clear without the pictures. 

First you need an old picture frame. I wanted a really big one, which can be pretty pricey. So my first thought was to go to DI. To my surprise they were way more than I wanted to pay. I really didn't want to pay a lot for something I was just going to take apart and re-do. I then tried TJ Max, there prices were way better and I was able to get a huge one for like $20. 

Then I went to Home Depot and got some chalk board paint. I got the kind that you can make any color, feeling super spontaneous I chose grey ha!!

The first time I did this I put the chalk board paint directly on the glass with about two layers. It looked great and worked the first time I wrote on it. I can't say the same thing about the next time. The chalk board paint started to peel off the glass when I would write on it. So this is definitely not the way to do it. 

I had my husband cut out a piece of wood to fit in perfectly. I put on about 2-3 layers of chalk board paint and then popped it in the frame. I have probably wrote on it a good 50 times and it is still as good as the first day I made it! 

Another questions I had was where do I buy all the fun colors of chalk. When I first started this chalk board it was winter and side walk chalk was no where to be found at any store and no one had the little skinny chalks either. So I just used my 3 year old's huge thick chalk. Then once it got a little warmer I bought some more and the always have tons of fun colors!

When I first made the chalk board is was just to track my pregnancy but I find more and more reasons to use it! I recommend making one if you are thinking about it!


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3 Responses to “DIY Chalk Board ”

  1. Ran into this, too with the glass - the trick is to put on a coat on the glass, then sand it down with a fine sandpaper (not a huge pt. sand paper), then continue to paint coats, sand them, etc. until you have about six coats over the glass. Then you should be good to go. Also you have to make sure you're using any-surface chalkboard paint. Some of them are not for all surfaces. But, wood has the best turnout in my opinion with the paint, too! Awesome job and thank you for posting!!

  2. What size frame did you purchase?

  3. Yes, what size frame are you using?