Laikynn 5 months

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Age: 5 months
Height: Okay, I already forgot what the doctor said her height was! I wrote 23inches because that was her last height. Once I call the doctors office I will edit this post and put in the correct height at 5 months! I do remember she was in the 48% though! :)
Weight: 12lbs, 4%
Head: I am horrible, I can't remember this stat either! I promise I will edit it soon!
Milestones: Laikynn can roll over now! She has been rolling back and forth and all around! If she wants something she just keeps rolling till she gets there!
Sleep: She is still such an awesome sleeper! She goes to bed around 10pm and wakes up at about 8am. Doesn't even wake up once in the night! We definitely got lucky!
Best Moment: I love hearing her laugh! She is laughing so much now. And not the little giggle laughs but a full on belly laugh! It is seriously the cutest thing!
Worst Moment: I some how talked my self in to buying her a $50 pair of pants. I put them on for the first time right before a party we were going to and she had a blow out before we even left the house! AWESOME, not. Let's just say we might wait on buying super nice clothes for her for awhile! haha
Health: She is growing great and is a happy, healthy baby! 
Eating: Laikynn is still eating great. We are actually in the process right now of switching off nursing to formula right now. And she is doing great with it. She is also now eating rice cereal and baby food. She is still making quite the mess with it but is slowly getting the hang of it and loving all the new tastes!
Teeth: So I keep thinking she is teething but nothing is coming yet!

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7 Responses to “Laikynn 5 months”

  1. Your kiddos are too sweet for words! & I know how you feel about her pants, whenever I get Carter an outfit that is ultra adorable it is destroyed in record breaking time, whether it was blow outs or tripping in grass must see these $50 pants though :)


  2. She is SOOOO cute. How precious. Love the outfit as well.

  3. I really enjoy following your blog. Your family is beautiful and I am in love with the chalkboard. Keep it up!

  4. your family is so precious! i love following your blog, my baby girl Zovia is exactly 1 month younger then your beautiful Laikynn, Zovia was born 4/20! It is so its nice to see another crafty momma out there blogging! Love it!

  5. I found your blog on fb and pinterest and am just now realizing how close our daughter's names are. My daughter's name is Rhyslinn Kay!

  6. I love that chair! Where did you find it?