Thursday, October 27, 2011


Devan and I both were guessing it was going to be a boy, but to our surprise she is a girl!! But I couldn't be more excited!! I literally can not wait to start shopping for clothes, bows and shoes AND to decorate the nursery!! I told Devan before we found out if it is a girl be prepared to go broke because everything is SO much cuter in pink!! :)

Sadly, Devan works WAY too much and couldn't make it to the appointment. Seriously, his work schedule is absolutely crazy right now. But that might be a good thing cause he can take off lots of time when the baby comes! Anyways, since he couldn't go to the appointment I went by myself then surprised him at work with balloons!

Yep, she is gonna be a daddy's girl!!

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One Response to “IT'S A GIRL!!”

  1. I love the photos you took with your family to announce your new little bundle of joy!