Batman Party

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

 Titan turned four!! I can't hardly believe my little man is already four! He is loving super heroes lately so when I asked him what he wanted his party theme to be I knew the answer he was going to give, "BATMAN"!! 

So I themed everything after Batman and I think it turned out pretty well! 

The silly string was a hit!!

We added some extra food coloring to the raspberry lemonade to make it black for Batman.

Here are some party photos..

Happy Birthday Ty Ty!!

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8 Responses to “Batman Party”

  1. what a really fun party, love the batman/super hero theme!

  2. Wow you did a fabulous job! And Happy Birthday to your little man!

  3. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!!!! Looks like ya'll had tons of fun. :) Loved all your things to go with your theme.

  4. HOW FUN! you did a great job decorating love the theme! & awesome presents :)

  5. I LOVE the party theme and all the favors and labels! How cute! I am totally going to have to do something similar for my son down the road! :)

  6. I have been looking for good super hero ideas for my sons' birthdays. You really got my brain going. He looks like he had a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday to him!

  7. How cute!! that table set up was adorable! just fpund your blog this morning, thansk for sharing!

  8. My name is John. I am looking your blog, It's a joyful article. I completely know this sinking feeling as I realize I'm not the only one who comes up with good ideas. Well done my friend well done.