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Monday, August 13, 2012

It has been 2 month since I have blogged last. 
I know, it is horrible! 

I have been crazy busy!
Which is a good thing, kinda..
It was the wake up at 7am go to bed at 4 am and work every second of those hours kind of busy. 

If you follow my Facebook you know that I did a giveaway for free Petti-rompers. We planned on giveaway away 500 and we ended up giving away over 15,000!! The rompers literally occupied my entire upstairs. There were so many!!

This was one of the shipments, about 7,000 rompers.   

Needless to say, I had to hire on some extra people so that we could get them all done in time. And somehow I actually did it!! 

We filled up 27 of these bins at the Post Office!

So the good thing is things have started to calm down a bit and I now have more time to blog, YAY!

So little Laikynn is getting SO big!!

She is almost 5 months old!
Can you even believe it??
(Yes, I will post the chalk board picture soon!)

She is rolling around, laughing, babbling, playing with toys and being a complete sweetheart. 

I can not believe just how good of a baby she is! I don't think I would have been able to do the giveaway if she wasn't such a good baby. 

She is also still sleeping through the night, she pretty much has since the day we brought her home. Everyone keeps asking how I am doing it but I don't think I am doing anything too out of the ordinary. We have our little routine that we do each night and it seems to be working.

My kids go to bed a little on the later side. I figure they don't have to wake up early for anything so I would rather them sleep in in the mornings. So we start getting ready for bed about 9:00. I usually feed her rice cereal. She then makes a mess so we bath her, get her in her pi's and feed her a bottle. She falls asleep about 10:30 and sleeps till about 8:00. So I have been very lucky with her!

I actually think that since I had such a hard time with my first one sleeping that I am getting a break with this one. Titan was horrible at sleeping through the night. I made the mistake of letting him sleep in my bed. Which I absolutely loved cuddling up next to him at night but at about 2 years old I could not get him to stay asleep in his bed. He would wake up about 5 times a night and come into our bed and it was the biggest struggle to get him to go back to his bed. I finally went to Good Earth to get some lavender oil to help him sleep and when I went there the lady recommended this...

You can only take it if you are 2 years old or older but it really works!! I kid you not! I gave it to him for like a week straight and he slept every night all through the night. After the week I took him off it and he still slept! So for all you mommies that have a hard time with sleeping now and it doesn't get any better till 2 years definitely try this stuff!! 

Okay, so back to little Laikynn.. She is also eating rice cereal and baby food now. We started the rice cereal at about 4 months and she ate that every night for about 3 weeks then we started with baby food in the mornings. She is doing great with it and finally starting to figure out how to eat it without spitting it all out!

We also took her swimming for the first time a few weeks ago!

She was a little bit unsure of everything at first but she ended up loving it! It is actually my favorite thing to do with the kids now. We all swim together for about an hour or two then Laikynn will get tired and fall asleep in the shade while I lay out next to her and the boys get to go down the water slides and have tons of fun! Love it! 

So my mind is going about a million miles an hour because I have so many ideas for this blog and for the Mommy's Little Sunshine website! And there are already so many great things in the works! Not to mention I am back to being able to blog on a regular basis again! Yay!! 

So I will end this post with a few more cute pictures! :) I LOVE pictures. I probably take way too many. They are all on my Instagram so if you have one follow me @mckinli 

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10 Responses to “Catch up”

  1. Laikynn is sooooo cute! And I love the "spoiled" pacifier! Adorable!(:

  2. Oh my goodness! Laikynn is adorable! She has such pretty eyes.

  3. She is so beautiful, just like you! Welcome back! What was this giveaway thing all about?? :)

  4. i love your hair! what size curling iron do you use and what brand? also, where did you get the baby pearl bracelet?

  5. yeah i was going to ask too, but where did you get the pearl baby bracelet?

  6. Sounds like you have been VERY busy!!! Glad to hear you are back! xoxo

  7. Looking forward to seeing you blog again! thats so incredible about the rompers! wow you must have been busy!

  8. Welcome back!!! I have been following you through IG (@meganlawless) and fb! I can't believe how many rompers you gave away!! We are enjoying ours! Thank you!! :)

  9. SUCH a pretty baby girl - wow!! How on earth did you have the time/money to give away all of those baby rompers?? That's amazing!! You guys look great!

  10. Love your family photos so much! Your kids are dolls!

    I host a Instagram linkup called InstaLately if you ever want to link up - just started following you on instagram too @perfectlyjenn