Turkey Headband Tutorial

Monday, November 12, 2012

Who is ready for Thanksgiving?
Does your little one have the perfect Thanksgiving outfit all picked out?
In need of a cute headband to match?

Well then this tutorial is for you!

 Turkey Headband Tutorial

What you will need:
Glue gun
Brown 5/8 ribbon (the ribbon can be patterned or plain)
Yellow 5/8 ribbon
Orange 5/8 ribbon
Wiggle Eyes

First cut a strip of brown about 2 inches.
Put a drop of glue at the end of the wrong side and fold together.

Place that to the side.

Next you will cut three more brown strips. A 4 inch, 4 1/2 inch and a 5 inch. 
Place glue on the right side of the ribbon and fold over, creating a "loop" look. Do this with all 3 cut ribbons

Place the first folded ribbon inside the smallest "loop" ribbon and glue.

Do this with all three ribbons, gluing each one into place. 
This will be the backside so it doesn't have to be pretty.

Once the body is finished you can not start on the head.

Cut another 3 inch brown strip and make it into a "loop" again.

 This is the head.

Attach the head to the top of the body.

Then you need to create the feathers. You will make the "loop" again with the feathers but this time you will create a longer look with it. Cut the ribbon 5 1/2 inches.

Create 3 orange, 2 brown and 2 yellow. 

Attach the feathers to the feather to the back of the body starting with the top middle orange one and working your way down. 

Use your order ribbon to cut a small triangle, which will act as the beak. 

Then glue and the eyes. 

You can leave the turkey as is or add on a bow to make it a girly turkey!

Cut a strip of yellow ribbon. Hold it in the middle and cross over each side.

Pinch it in the middle then wrap it in fishing wire, creating a bow.

Glue it to a headband/clip and you are done!

Since the headband makes such a bold statement you can pair it with a more simple outfit in any of the fall colors. 


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16 Responses to “Turkey Headband Tutorial ”

  1. Where do you get these stretchy headbands? :) I have a few from an etsy shop and they are awesome :)

  2. I am going to sew mine to a onesie. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for this awesome tutorial. going to make up a few this weekend for some friends babies

  4. Too cute! Pinned it, and I plan to make some just on hair clips for my girls!

  5. Ok, I just made a turkey hair clip and this one is way cuter;) LOVE IT! Thanks for the tut! Smiles, Jill

  6. Just made one today while my little one was napping and it was so easy and it's SO adorable!! Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  7. Thanks so much for the tutorial, I just made one with my sis-in-law and it turned out super cute!! My only suggestion is to include the elastic headband and fishing wire for the list of things you need. Thanks again!! :)

  8. This was easy enough a non-crafty person could make it. Thanks!

  9. Just made this! It was great! Looking forward to my little one wearing one this Thanksgiving!

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  11. How do you attach it to a headband?